Smoking Garlic

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Cold or hot smoke garlic. I think that proper smoked garlic is probably hot smoked for quite some time, judging by the skin, but peeling and cold smoking might have some benefit, so long as it’s used soon after the event…

The Details:
  • WOOD: Apple
  • TIME:10 hours COLD smoke

In the Smoker:
  • GARLIC: 4 large ‘chef’s choice’ bulbs from Tesco

Extra Notes:
  • I peeled the flaky outer skin of the garlic away before smoking them.

The Verdict:

The garlic smelled amazing early on after the smoke, but then mellowed away as time passed to a point where it didn’t really smell very smoky at all a week later. Thing with garlic though is that I think smoked garlic has very few uses. Absolutely pointless using it in the base of Bolognese sauces and so on because you really can’t notice it. The boss at work said he roasted the one I gave him and had it with bread, olive oil, balsamic etc which sounds good. Other than that, garlic butter is probably good with it, but I’ll have to think of more than this to make it worthwhile.

Maybe hot smoking it will be better, let’s try that next…

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