Marvellous Mint Sauce

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If you’ve only ever had premade, shop bought mint sauce then believe me, the difference is well worth the effort. If you’re going to the trouble of roasting a big, tasty lamb joint, it seems almost criminal to not make your own… Method Chuck it all in the whizzer and blitz – easy!

Shepherd’s or Cottage Pie

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The meat mix for these pies is critical. I guess it’s just about acceptable to buy a packet of mince (lamb for shepherd’s pie, beef for cottage pie) and whack it in, but it’s not really in the spirit of the elevation of this dish to something more than you’d get in the school canteen. If you have some leftover …

Port & Blackberry Lamb Shanks

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Simply spectacular, this is a superb alternative to a Sunday roast… Method Start by grinding the fennel seeds in a pestle and mortar, then mixing with some fresh ground pepper and some salt. Then pat this mix onto each shank, dust with a little flour and fry gently, ideally in the hob-enabled casserole dish. While the meat is browning turn …

Lamb Pasticcio

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One from the Oxo book – this has evolved over the years. Great the next day too. Use dried basil and oregano and a little concentrated beef stock if, like my wonderful wife, you refuse to keep Oxo cubes in the house… Method Heat the oil in a large pan and slow fry the onion until clear Add the garlic …