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A ham is nothing more complex than a cooked gammon. Making gammon from a pig’s leg – well that’s a little more complicated, but if you go to the butcher and buy a nice lump of pre-cured gammon then it’s hams-ahoy!

Although I do knock out several of these around christmas time, a kilo or two of smoked ham in the fridge is a glorious sight at any time of the year. This is so simple on the smoker, as you only need to get an hour and a half out of your fuel source.

The Details:
  • DATE: 22nd December 2018
  • AMBIENT WEATHER: Not too chilly really, probably 10°C
  • FUEL: Slow n Sear with some charcoal briquettes from Green Olive Firewood
  • WOOD: A lump of oak and a lump of cherry
  • PORK: Approx. 4kg Gammon joint from CostCo
  • TIME: Approx 3 hour poaching, and 1.5 on the smoker

  • Poached the gammon in a stockpot over a low simmer for 20 mins per 450g – in my case about 3 and a bit hours
  • Poaching liquor included a chopped up celery stick, a quartered onion, a handful of garlic cloves, a bay leaf, a handful of peppercorns and a REALLY hot Chocolate Habanero chilli that Mrs Frank grew
  • After the poach, drained, removed skin and patted dry. Then cut a criss-cross into the fat that was under the skin. This allows it to open up a bit when on the BBQ and give the glaze something to grip on to later
  • Used some leftover Grillstock House rub from their cookbook
  • Using the Weber Mastertouch, coals stacked on one side of the slow n Sear, just chucked a dozen lit ones into the other end and killed the airflow to bring the BBQ to about 160-180°C
  • Glazed with maple syrup mixed with a pinch of the rub and a miniature of Jameson’s for the last half hour
Important Note...
I have found that it is very important to NOT apply smoke when the ham is glazed. Smoke while the rub is on, then ensure all smoke has stopped before you glaze and caramelise. This is because the wet glaze will take on far too much smoke and the end result will be like chewing on an ashtray!


Absolutely nailed it – juicy, good heat, rub was nice, ham was still amazing nearly a week later. Just remember to wrap it well after each use.

To Try Next:
  • Different rub/glazes, but really why bother – not sure it could get better than this!

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