HOT SMOKE: Sunday Beef Joint

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Firing up the Weber Smoky Mountain for the first time…

The Details:
  • DATE: 17th November 2014
  • AMBIENT WEATHER: Cold, but relatively mild for November, about 10-12°C
  • FUEL: Used 1 chimney starter of quality lumpwood (from Kate Humble’s farm)
  • WOOD: Hickory Chips (100g)
  • WATER: 10 pints of cold water
  • TIME: Approx 1.5 hours
  • BEEF: 1kg of Tesco Finest Roasting Joint, from the deli counter. I am not exactly sure what cut it was, but my guess is top rump of top side because it turned out too juicy and tender to be silverside!

Extra Notes:
  • Used a marinade of mustard powder, white pepper, salt mixed in oil. Then ground extra pepper over the outside – too much pepper!
  • I was unsure of a target temperature, so kept it at around 140°C for most of the cook.
  • Temperature started dropping off at around 1:15 hours
  • Cooked the beef until the internal temperature reached 52°C (rare). It just about limped over the line before the temperature in the cooker fell below 90°C.
  • I bottled it and finished the meat in the oven for a few minutes. Wish I hadn’t as it took it from perfectly rare to medium rare quite quickly!
  • Lost a lot of tasty looking juices into the water pan, should probably put it in a roasting tray in future.
  • 10 pints of water seemed excessive, didn’t look like much evaporated.
  • Smoky flavour was a good strength, wouldn’t want it any stronger on a Sunday roast.

To Try Next:
  • Don’t rate the marinade, mustard powder was pointless, and too much pepper. Just go with simple salt and pepper
  • I wonder if the meat would benefit from being sealed via pan frying first?
  • I wonder if a blast of direct heat at some point would create a crust – maybe by removing the water pan when the temp starts to drop?
  • Have more faith in the meat temp rising during the resting period!.
  • Add some garlic and rosemary to a drip tray and put this on the lower shelf with a pint of water in it – maybe even use this instead of the BBQ water pan
  • Use less water in the water pan, will make the prospect of adding more fuel less scary.
  • Remember to add the wood before you assemble the rest of the smoker, as trying to chuck it in via the side door was not too clever!

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