HOT SMOKE: Gammon to Ham

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A ham is nothing more complex than a cooked gammon (‘gammon and eggs’ on a restaurant menu is technically inaccurate, but let’s not get into that). Making gammon from a pig’s leg – well that s a little more complicated, but if you go to the butcher and buy a nice lump of pre-cured gammon then it’s hams-ahoy!

Although I do knock out several of these around christmas time, a kilo or two of smoked ham in the fridge is a glorious sight at any time of the year. This is so simple on the smoker, as you only need to get an hour and a half out of your fuel source.

The Details:
  • DATE: 3rd July 2017
  • AMBIENT WEATHER: Bloody heatwave, must be north of 25°C
  • FUEL: 1 full chimney of lumpwood
  • WOOD: A lump of oak and a lump of apple
  • TIME: Approx 1 hour poaching, and 1.5 on the smoker
  • PORK: Approx. 1.5kg Gammon joint from the farm shop outside Gloucester

  • Poached the gammon in a stockpot over a low simmer for one hour
  • Poaching liquor included a chopped up celery stick, a quartered onion, a handful of garlic cloves, a bay leaf, a handful of peppercorns and a REALLY hot chilli we’d got from Grillstock
  • Seriously, I forget the name of it but its about the second hottest chilli in the world, it was insane, but perfect heat in this usage
  • After the poach, drained and patted dry
  • Used some leftover Grillstock House rub from their cookbook
  • Using the Weber Mastertouch, coals stacked on one side just chucked them in and killed the airflow to bring the BBQ to about 160-180°C
  • Glazed with maple syrup mixed with a pinch of the rub for the last half hour


Absolutely nailed it – juicy, good heat, rub was nice, ham was still amazing nearly a week later. Just remember to wrap it well after each use.

To Try Next:
  • Different rub/glazes, but really why bother – not sure it could get better than this!

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