HOT SMOKE: Beef Ribs

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Pre-cut ribs seemed annoying when I unwrapped them, but allowed me to experiment. Half wrapped, half unwrapped. First outing for the Slow n Sear in the Weber Mastertouch…

The Details:
  • DATE: 16th July 2017
  • AMBIENT WEATHER: Warm summer’s day about 20-22°C
  • FUEL: Used 1 bag of heat beads
  • WOOD: One lump of ak, one lump of cherry
  • RUB: Custom salt, pepper rub with a hint of garlic, onion and cayenne
  • TIME: Approx 6 hours
  • BEEF: Pack of beef ribs from Waitrose – precut 🙁

Extra Notes:
  • Had a terrible time getting the coals lit and steady
  • Definitely don’t like the suggested lighting technique for the Slow n Sear
  • Rub was a bit salty
  • After nearly 3 hours I sauced all 4 and wrapped 2 in foil
  • Kept spraying the uncovered 2 every half hour with a booze, water and soy mix
  • Temp of the wrapped was well over 90C by 6 hours, unwrapped just about hitting this temp


Both the missus and I prefered the wrapped ones. They were not noticeably less smokey, but were much more tender, without being mushy. The unwrapped ones were definitely too firm. That said all were nice!

To Try Next:
  • Light a small chimney of coals and make space at one end of the SnS for them
  • Or maybe try the snake, 4 abreast around the circumference of the kettle.
  • Try an injection?

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