This website has been built as a tool for me to collect and arrange interesting recipes I see in books, in the paper, on TV – and even occasionally for ones that just pop into my head!

I’m not a chef who likes geeking, I’m a geek who likes chefing, hence why I built this site to work perfectly for those who like to use their iPad as their cookbook. That said you’ll find some pretty special recipes on here, most of which I’ve tried and refined on several occasions.

From midweek meals for those trying to lose a few pounds, to weekend specials for dinner parties you’ll find it here. There’s also a special section dedicated to my burgeoning sausage making hobby, and a blog that will record my experiments in home smoking and curing.

If you’re enjoying what you see here, I’ve got another one dedicated to Christmas recipes and preparation – there’s so much it warranted it’s own site!

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Regards, and happy eating…